Quiz for Home Buyers!

When you are looking for a home, what is the best way to find a house?

  1. Call the number on the sign.

  2. Search on Zillow.

  3. Call Donna Hughes with Keller Williams Realty. 336-953-5462

    (Calling Donna is the BEST way to get ACCURATE up to the minute information, and Donna can send you the house when it HITS the market, not AFTER it is Under Contract!)

You could continue to call random numbers on random signs, telling your life story to someone different again and again, or you could hire a Buyer’s Agent. True or False: a Buyer’s Agent is expensive.

  1. True

  2. False

    (FALSE! Hiring Donna as your Buyer’s Agent will not cost you a dime! If you buy a house, the Seller most always pays the Buyer Fee…..and agreed to do so when they listed the house! If you don’t buy a house, you don’t owe anything!)

Why is it a good idea to hire Donna as your Buyer’s Agent? What’s so special about her?

  1. Donna is always ready to go, 7 days a week, and she will be ready to show you the house before it goes Under Contract! Donna can show you any house, listed with any Real Estate Company, and most For Sale By Owners.

  2. Donna will make sure you fully understand every step of the process, so that you can negotiate like a boss. Arm yourself with wisdom and confidence before making a huge decision, and a huge investment. You need Donna!

  3. Donna will help you determine factors that concern resale, and that directly affect your Investment.

What are the most important factors to consider when buying a house?

  1. Restaurants nearby, nearby tourist attractions, malls.

  2. Locating Issues that prevent financing, Locating issues that affect resale value, locating issues that concern safety & function.

    (Donna will help you look for issues that cause loan failure, that affect resale value, and that concern safety & function, as well as fun restaurants, tourist attractions, schools & business nearby!)

How can a Buyer’s Agent save you money?

  1. By negotiating a better price on the house for you.

  2. By negotiating repairs for you.

  3. By helping you locate great, reliable service providers from the Lender to the Closing Attorney, ensuring a smooth and stress free transaction.

  4. By helping you order Inspections, necessary to make sure you are buying a good house!

  5. By being available to answer your questions 7 days a week.


If I am Buying a For Sale By Owner, I’ll save tons of money, right?


(Buying a For Sale By Owner, is like going BLIND into the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. Most For Sale By Owners don’t disclose defects, which is required by law. They are usually overpriced, and don’t know the rules. If the rules aren’t followed, someone is going to get taken advantage of.)


Looking for a Home in NC?

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